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Founded by surgical robotics visionary Prof. Moshe Shoham (founder of Mazor Robotics), Tamar Robotics is developing the first endoscopic robotic system for neurosurgery.


The Tamar system enables highly accurate and safe robotic surgery in challenging workspaces, offering improved clinical and economic benefits for millions of procedures annually.


Developed to bring clinical and economic value in procedures such as pituitary and skull-base tumor removal, as well as removal of intracerebral hemorrhage and other brain mass.

The Tamar System

The system employs highly flexible and accurate robotic arms that can access hard-to-reach targets within the brain via a burr hole, without causing damage to healthy brain cells.

Tamar Robotics system

Robotic arms holding standard surgical tools are controlled from a surgical console, allowing neurosurgeons to employ standard techniques with all the benefits of robotic control.

The Tamar system addresses the unique challenges of brain surgery with superior visualization, via multiple steerable cameras and integrated retractors. Its features offer maximum working space within the dynamically shifting brain cavity.

Robotic precision and superior visualization

Robotic precision and superior visualization.

Burr hole access for less pain and faster healing

Burr hole access for less pain and faster healing.

Full surgeon control and improved ergonomics

Full surgeon control and improved ergonomics.

Affordable, small footprint system

Affordable, small footprint system.